Fresh dunk!records vinyl at #dnk2019

Now that we're pressing our own vinyls we made sure to have some sold out vinyls available again but also brand new albums will be available (for the first time) at the festival. It turns out we were able to have a whole load of wonderful albums ready for next week and we think it’s a good idea to list all the new and recent releases of the moment. As you can see below these past few months at the audio quality desk at dunk!pressing have been heavenly!

Old Solar • Winter Solstice: Hallow The Hushed Earth [Song Premiere]

In 2016, Raleigh, North Carolina’s Travis Brooks emerged with SPEAK, the debut album of his post-rock project Old Solar. It proved to be one of the year’s most pleasant and exciting surprises, escaping the trappings that can sometimes befall solo artists to bring listeners a fully-formed vision that presented a mastery of attractive ambience, dramatic swells and energetic, often explosive riffing.

Le Temps Du Loup • Cardinal

In many ways, the Madrid post-metal trio Le Temps Du Loup are the quintessential dunk!records band, displaying an ability to confidently engage more melodic terrain but propelled primarily by a heavy hammer that is primed to drop on listeners’ skulls at any moment. Their journey is one of grim determination to ascend the heights suggested by the weighty thematic content breached in their song titles, which explore cosmic encounters, grandiose cities lost within the Earth and numerous references to apocalyptic events.

Photo Series: Ranges EU Tour

The past 12 months have been pretty amazing for Ranges from Bozeman, Montana. They released The Ascensionist in September 2017 and sold it out twice. They hit the road with this new album and also toured Europe in Spring 2018. Dunk!festival was obviously a stop on their roadmap. These wonderful pictures below (taken by L U X I N V I C T U S) are a report of this tour.

Video: Terraformer • Aegean

For the release of Terraformers’s album Mineral on dunk!records, Jeroen Cluckers created this music video for their song Aegean about ‘epic space shizzle’. So here it is: a music video about stargazing, the wonders, hopes, dreams and terrors of space exploration, for Terraformer’s Aegean.