Fresh dunk!records vinyl at #dnk2019

Fresh dunk!records vinyl at #dnk2019

Now that we're pressing our own vinyls we made sure to have some sold out vinyls available again but also brand new albums will be available (for the first time) at the festival. It turns out we were able to have a whole load of wonderful albums ready for next week and we think it’s a good idea to list all the new and recent releases of the moment. As you can see below these past few months at the audio quality desk at dunk!pressing have been heavenly!

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Her Name Is Calla

‘Animal Choir’ [2xLP]

Her Name Is Calla will release their very last album Animal Choir on June 1st, on their very last show as a band. So that means the album will be released and available for the first time at the festival. Of course we'll have it online later as well. If we have some left...


It Was A Good Dream

‘Help Me To Recollect’ [LP]

It Was A Good Dream is not playing the festival but we are very excited to have their album 'Help Me To Recollect' available on vinyl before (or actually at) the festival. Here's a first single that was released last month. Have a listen!

From Fathoms remastered hi-res.JPG

Gifts From Enola

‘From Fathoms’ [2xLP] (re-issue)

From Fathoms by Gifts From Enola remixed and remastered on double vinyl.
Comes on 180g colored vinyl (green with black smoke) in gatefold cover with spot UV.


Tides Of Man

‘Young and Courageous’ [2xlp]

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the release of "Young And Courageous," and this special repressing is the first physical release to feature the b sides "Capes" and "Bloodhound."


We Lost The Sea

‘Live at dunk!fest 2017’ [2xLP]

This is an energetic and visceral rendition of Departure Songs by the band who were excited to be in Europe on a big stage. A show that they almost missed after blowing out two tyres on their gear trailer somewhere on the side of a German motorway.


The Void of Expansion

‘Governed by Decay’ [LP+CD]

If you are seeking to learn how the manipulation of the sparsest sounds can be formed into something entirely engaging, or to witness how true musical artists can compose fully-realized works without once leaning on the riff-and-hook formula, perhaps you are prepared for Governed By Decay.



‘The Further Still’ [2xLP]

This is the record that Coastlands has always wanted to make, and it’s a reward for patient post-rock fans everywhere who feel like they are sometimes neglected when it comes to full-on aural assault. Only a few copies left of this first pressing.

Le Temps Du Loup_Cardinal_Front_Digital.jpg

Le Temps Du Loup

‘Cardinal’ [LP] (2nd pressing)

Le Temps Du Loup is playing the festival for the first time but we sold out their latest album 'Cardinal' months ago. It would be a shame to not have it available (in new vinyl colors) on this edition.

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‘Split LP’ [LP]

Ilydaen recorded a split album with Oldd Wvrms and also this one will be exclusively available at dunk!festival 2019. Of course we'll have it available online after the festival. Give it a listen here.

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‘Cycles’ [2xLP] (2nd pressing)

This second edition comes in a redesigned gatefold cover (and printed innersleeves) on turquoise with black marbled vinyl. Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

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Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

‘Deaden the Fields’ [2xLP]

Deaden the Fields was originally released in July 2011 but is now for the first time available on vinyl. This one comes on red with black marbled vinyl. Limited to 200 EU copies.

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‘Cavum’ [LP]

Cavum sees a version of PILLARS that has only grown in confidence and conviction; it’s a searing and fiercely determined set of compositions that leaves no doubt that this band is now an entrenched force to be reckoned with as the genre moves toward a new era.



‘Live at dunk!fest 2018’ [2xLP]

This double 180g colored vinyl contains the entire set of Ranges performing at dunk!festival 2018 and comes in gatefold cover on reverse cardboard, design by Error! Design. Recorded, mixed and mastered by dunk!studios. Pressed by dunk!pressing


Russian Circles

‘Live at dunk!fest 2016’ [2xLP]

This album is the very first live album by Russian Circles and was recorded at dunk!festival 2016 where they headlined that edition. We knew what these guys from Chicago were capable of so we expected a lot of their show but we didn't knew it was going to be perfect. So we thought we should have this pressed on vinyl and make it a physical memory to this amazing performance.

This Patch Of Sky • Live at dunk!festival 2019 [Video]

This Patch Of Sky • Live at dunk!festival 2019 [Video]

Old Solar • Winter Solstice: Hallow The Hushed Earth [Song Premiere]

Old Solar • Winter Solstice: Hallow The Hushed Earth [Song Premiere]