Malämmar • Live at dunk!festival 2019 [Video + Interview + 7" release]

Malämmar • Live at dunk!festival 2019 [Video + Interview + 7" release]

Behold! The entire Malämmar set recorded on our Forest Stage at dunk!festival 2019. Anyone who was lucky enough to be near the front for Malammar’s 2017 Forest Stage performance knows that they were not to be missed. They are punk-energy renegades who fully embrace the devil-may-care, anything-goes aesthetic that makes attending shows such an exciting experience…

Scroll down for an interview with Xavi from the band but also the guy behind Error! Design. David Zeidler had a chat with him in the weeks before their set at dunk!festival.

You have made it clear previously that Malämmar is exclusively a Forest Stage band. What is it about that venue that you feel befits your aesthetic?

Xavi Forne: The first time at Dunk Festival, they offered us to play at the main stage. We were truly thankful, but once we saw the Forest Stage we knew it was the place for us. We have played on big stages and we really enjoy it, but the closer we have the public the more comfortable we feel, especially if it´s the first time we visit the city. We love to mix with the audience and make a synergy together, to raise our beers and toast, to embrace them. That feeling means everything to us.

Malämmar has a particularly punk rock vibe, very irreverent and no-rules. Tell us a bit about your approach to performing, and why you work so well in a festival that tends toward more straight-faced, dramatic performances?

XF: Malämmar has a solid and potent musical proposal. Navigating between different oceans where many musical styles are mixed but also feelings and emotions are always clearly highlighted. That´s why, although our sounds are quite heavy, we think we can fit into this kind of festival. From the beginning it was clear for us that we did not want to pretend to be anything other than ourselves. We are like that, funny, moronic and vindictive. Malämmar is the project of three friends who, when they are not playing, can be found in a bar, at a concert... always surrounded by good beer.

Having witnessed your previous dunk!festival performance, I can attest that newcomers will likely be unaware of what to expect from you. What would you like to convey to those audience members seeing you live for the first time?

XF: The first time we were really afraid that people would run away while listening to the first note or seeing that our attitude was quite different from the other bands. It was a pleasant surprise to see that people supported us from the first minute and had a really good time. The only advice we can give is to go through the bar and come well provisioned with beer before approaching the Forest Stage.

You have also been playing a large role in the past few years with your company Error! Design, being the primary provider of artwork for the festival, as well as for the “Live at dunk!festival” series of records. Tell us a bit about this relationship, how it formed and why it works so well.

XF: This is the fourth year that we work designing the image of the festival, but my relationship with Luc and Wout began years before. It was in 2014, when I made a small gig poster exhibition taking advantage of the concert with my previous band Syberia. This collaboration has benefited both parties in a very positive way. We are delighted to be able to participate year after year, and above all, to feel like an important and fundamental part of what is the most familiar and beautiful festival in Europe in my opinion.

Your art is very unique. You have a consistent aesthetic that ensures when people see your work, they can immediately point to it and say “Error! Design.” How did you arrive at this point stylistically?

XF: The technique I use is not a novelty, it already existed, but I have taken it to my field and given it a personal shape. Over time, I have managed to find myself comfortable with a series of concepts that tend to mix with each other such as the occult, nature, the bizarre, the apocalypse and imaginary scenarios. After more than 15 years working in the gig poster world, a powerful visual brand has been created and now I cannot get away from it even if I try to change to other styles (and believe me, I try).

You’ve also worked with some huge names in music such as Foo Fighters, Depeche Mode, A Perfect Circle and Mastodon. What’s that experience been like for you?

XF: When this kind of band offers me a job, all I can feel is happiness to see that after so many years of dedication, the work gets emotional rewards. It also gives me an enormous pressure. It is surely when I find it more difficult to reach a satisfactory final result, since at the beginning I am not satisfied with any sketch.

It seems like the sky is the limit for Error! Design. Anything exciting on the horizon for you?

XF: We have many open projects right now, all of them different and yet interesting. Everything we do is very gratifying, even if we work for large bands, smaller ones, music festivals, beer or wine brands... We put the same love and effort to every project. The main objective is to end with a result that we love and fits the client perfectly. It´s not about if they are a big one or not. Right now we could highlight (and without going into details) a long-awaited work for Metallica, another one for Wolfmother or a very special poster for our friends of Mono.

— David Zeidler for The Stargazer Magazine #4 at dunk!festival 2019


Malämmar • Mil Mentiras [7”]

Comes on ultra clear with gold splattered vinyl

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